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That's right! $0 Dollars Due at Installation!
With a $0 money down Sungevity  Solar Lease, you too can harness the power of the sun to save electricity and money every single month! This special no money down Solar Leasing option is available now! Call us to find out how you can start saving today!


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When you choose Central California Solar for your Solar equipment installation you can rest assured we have it covered from top to bottom. Your installation will include all of the equipment you need along with award winning professional installation.


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Meet our award winning team of designers, installers and sales professionals who are here to help deliver the solar power system of  your dreams. Contact us today to talk to the people who have helped make us Fresno’s #1 solar power leasing company.

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Go Solar

It’s not a question of whether a solar power system will save you money on your electricity bill it’s a question of how much money you will save. Whats more important than saving money? Saving the environment! The U.S Department of Energy estimates that depending on the type of fuel used, switching to solar power can offset the equivalent of 200% of the carbon dioxide emissions of a typical car. 

Have you ever had one of those months where you open up your utility bill and gasp at the cost of the electricity? Well with Central California Solar those days are a thing of the past. With a solar panel lease from Central California Solar your energy rates are locked in meaning no more surprise bills ever again!

Large State & Federal rebates are just one way to save money in home that runs on solar. Resale value is yet another! Did you know that the average American home’s value will increase 20% with the installation of solar panels?

One major financial benefit from solar powering your home is the increase in your property value. 20% is the average increase in value for homes that switch from conventional power to solar!

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