Fact: Solar Power Can Help You Save Money!

We wonder why anyone who owns their home would not want to go solar.  It is the soundest financial investment any one could make.  Most cases you have captured your initial return in four years with a purchase and it’s a way to start saving money immediately, good for the local economy, and additionally great for the planet.  At Central California Solar we make it easy to go solar! Here are 5 ways Solar can help you save money monthly.

5 Ways to Save With Solar

Take control of your energy costs.   Enjoy the independence of owning your electric power source located right at your home. No more electric rate increases, no more rolling blackouts.  Get ahead of the mandatory time of use rate spikes in charges during peak loads, within 5 years all residential customers in California will be on time of use making electricity more expensive and solar more attractive. You will love to watch the meter spin backwards as your surplus of energy is fed back to the utility.

Make money in the safest investments available today.  What would you consider a good investment, How about an annual return of 18% or more in savings you can count on? The Solar Savings Estimator shows you the returns you can expect from your solar electric system.  If the sun shines you save money.

Who doesn’t want to save money? With utility rates increasing by as much as 10% a year, now is the time to go solar. California has seen steady increases and will see rates increase exponentially in the future.  Take a minute with our Solar Savings Estimator to see how much you can save with  Solar!

Solar supports the creations of sustainable none outsource able, skilled American jobs in a high growth industry. Your investment in solar energy supports the American workforces who live in your community building, engineering and installing your systems.  Going solar raises everyones home  values.

Do it for your children, and their children and thousands of animals, plants and the entire living environment on our planet. Investing in solar energy reduces your carbon footprint, global warming and directly promotes the use of sustainable energy with no emissions or oil dependency.  All of which slows the demand for non renewable energy and saves you and your posterity money.

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