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Central California Solar not only specializes in solar power for homes and business’ they also specialize in energy efficient upgrades.  Making your home more efficient is the single best way to save money on heating and electric costs for your home or business. Most upgrades take just a small amount of time to complete and if the job is done by a licensed contractor they can often be completed in just 1 day. Central California Solar offers free home energy audits to all of its customers at no obligation. Before you can truly know what ways will best improve the energy efficiency of your home you need to know where you need to focus your effort? Our comprehensive in home analysis uses several tried and true techniques for determining where the loss of efficiency is coming from including our most valuable tool the thermal imaging camera. The thermal imaging camera the single best way to determine where a home is losing valuable cold air in the summer and warm air in the winter. This is a really great way for a homeowner to determine which parts of their home need some attention. Central California Solar offers many options for residential and commercial energy efficient upgrades.

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Some of the many energy efficiency upgrades include:

  • Attic Insulation is quite possibly best energy efficiency improvement a homeowner can make. Adding additional attic insulation will save money on both heating and cooling. A typically addition of some spray in foam insulation can save up to 20% on a home’s heating cost and an additional 10% on a home’s cooling cost. Unless a home was built in the last couple years it most likely will not have the new home standard of R-38 insulation. This upgrade can usually be done in just a couple hours and you can start saving money immediately and the best way to start your energy efficient upgrade.
  • Ventilation is a great to improve a home’s efficiency too. Making sure that a home has proper air flow is a great low-cost way to cool a home down in the warmer months of the year. It also improves the air quality within the home. Central California Solar often installs whole house fans to increase air flow and allow the homeowner to draw in the cooler evening and night air allowing them to turn their off their air conditioners all together. Ceiling fans are great for circulating the cool air produced by the air conditioner and hot air produced by the furnace. Ceiling fans also help to eliminate hot and cold zones in the house by moving around the air in each zone of the house.
  • Sealing and insulating your ducts will help balance your furnace and air conditioning units. If your duct work isn’t properly sealed you could be losing precious energy and actually heating or cooling your attic or crawlspace. A simple sealing of ducts using mastic to seal all connections and joints will provide immediate results. Mastic is perfect for ducts as it has the ability to expand and contract between hot and cold conditions. Ducts should be insulated to an R-11 grade to meet the most efficient current standards. A home with uninsulated ducts can lose up to 30% of both heating and cooling efforts.
  • Water Heaters can be large waste of energy if not properly insulated and running efficiently. Simply turning down the thermostat on the heater so the water isn’t above 120 degrees can save you money instantly. In addition to insulating the water heater itself with the wrapped blanket we can also address insulating the water supply lines in a home. Central California Solar also offers a variety of efficient upgrades to the replace that old water heater that was installed at time of construction. A very popular resolution is installing the new high efficiency on-demand tank less water heater systems. By taking 5 minutes to wrap your existing water heater in a special blanket is probably the fastest energy efficient upgrade you can make.
  • Lighting and appliances are yet another way to upgrade your homes efficiency as well. Upgrading the appliances in your home to ENERGY STAR qualified products is a great way to save money on the use of appliances in your homes. A nice benefit to upgrading your appliances is that qualified products will come with both manufactured rebates as well as rebates from the major utility companies.  In addition to appliances, swapping those old incandescent bulbs can save lots of money. There are even options for what you decide to use the change out of the existing bulbs in a home with, such as compact fluorescent and LED bulbs. Both replacement options are a good way to produce long lasting higher efficiency light for any home.
  • Doors and windows not only save money on energy costs they can improve the look of the exterior of your home.  Often time’s doors and windows don’t need to be all together replaced but just need some additional insulation. Old single pane windows can be spruced up by adding weather stripping and caulking. Doors can be upgraded in the same way by simply adding a weather strip to all exterior doors.
  • And last and certainly not least would be to add a PV Solar system to any home will save tons of money. A homeowner can also a solar system installed with no money out of pocket through Central California Solar’s leasing program. Photovoltaic Solar pricing has dropped tremendously over the last several years making solar affordable for every homeowner. It is possible to never pay another electric bill by installing a solar system. Central California Solar is the expert when it comes to saving people money on their electric bills. Call us today to find out how much money you can save! 559-467-1008

These upgrades really just scratch the surface of the potential to starting an energy efficient upgrade to any home. Central California Solar performs energy analysis on homes throughout the state of California on a weekly basis and there is always an option to increase efficiency and save homeowners money! We have several experts on staff available to answer any and all questions someone may have or even guide you through doing some projects yourself. There’s nothing more satisfying to us than knowing we helped someone save money. As utility costs continue to rise each year it is more important than ever to perform beneficial energy efficient upgrades on your home or even your business.


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