Agricultural Solar Project

Central California Solar recently completed a very large solar project for an Agriculture Chemical company in Caruthers. The Ag Company has quite the large facility including a fabrication shop on site. The company saw huge electric bills every month and wanted to install solar to offset the high costs. This was the perfect opportunity for Central California Solar to help another customer save money and help them take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit. We installed a total of 210 solar panels on the roof of one the buildings on the premises. The 210 Canadian Solar panels were 240 watts each generating a total of 50.4 kilowatts. To put that in prospective that is about the same amount of solar that we would put on 10 homes! All the panels run through a central Fronius inverter and the power is converted to useable power. The owner of the business was so happy with the project we have since been contracted to install solar on his home as well.

Percentage of Electricity Drawn from Solar Panels 86%
Percent Savings on Monthly Utility Bill 88%
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