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Visalia Residential Solar System

Grid Tied Roof Mount System This week another Visalia residential solar system was installed by Central California Solar. Grid tied and roof mounted just in time for big summer savings. With the presence of a fairly large swimming pool the customer was averaging pretty high bills, especially in the summer. High bills are a thing ...

Zero Down Solar Summer Savings

Zero Down Solar Summer Savings Another zero down solar system installed just in time for summer savings. This was one clean install on another high end home! All conduit was run through the attic and down into the inside of the garage where the inverter was mounted. The solar system is guaranteed to make over ...

Commercial Solar Installation

Grid Tied Roof Mount System Central California Solar not only specializes in residential solar but commercial solar installations as well. We help business owners, non-profits and several other organizations save lots of money by going solar. The system used 140 Suntech all black solar panels funneling through 2 Fronius inverters. Central California Solar will provide ...

Pre-Paid Power Purchase Agreement

Power Purchase Agreement One of last week’s installs took place in the beautiful city of Reedley, California. This install took just two days to complete from start to finish. All runs of wire and conduit were made through the attic which makes for a very clean install. The steep pitch of the roof made it ...

No Credit Check Financing with HERO Program

No Credit Check Solar Financing No credit check solar financing is now available in Central California. The program offers no credit check financing for residential energy efficiency upgrades. Central California Solar is participating contractor with the HERO program and can provide energy efficiency upgrades to a home through the program. A recent Bakersfield customer decided ...

Hanford Residential Micro Inverter Solar System

Residential Micro Inverter Solar System Ringing in the New Year with big savings thanks to a brand new residential micro inverter solar system in Hanford. LG panels were paired with Enphase micro inverters to become the Cadillac of solar systems. Divided among 3 separate roof planes and maximizing the south roof. The system is going ...

Country Living With Big Money Savings

Ground Mount Solar System This week a dual ground mount was installed in the farmlands of Dinuba California. The large ground mount solar system was divided into 2 ground mounts to best utilize the available space. The customer purchased the system which will net them a 30% federal tax credit for the year. The total ...

Another Happy Solar Customer!

Zero Down Solar Lease Central California Solar completes another zero down solar lease in Visalia, CA. In order for this customer to utilize their south facing roof CCS provided tree removal and haul away at no additional cost. And it was a big tree! With the obstruction removed the residence was outfitted with a solar ...

Money Saving, Tax Credit and Added Property Value

30% Federal Tax Credit This week’s install took place on a luxury home in Kingsburg, CA. The install was completed just in time for the customer to take full advantage of the 2014, 30% federal tax credit. The Federal Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit is a 30% dollar for dollar credit applicable on a consumers ...

Visalia Residential Solar System

Grid Tied Roof Mount System This week’s install was completed just in time for the holidays. The customer will enjoy savings that will allow them to hang all the Christmas lights they want this year. The 5.40 kilowatt system will offset 100% of the customer’s usage. The system is converted to useable power through Enphase ...
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