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Selma Residential Solar System

Grid Tied Roof Mount System Central California Solar installs rain or shine. Last week the central valley finally got some much needed rain. The rain was light enough for our crew to push through and finish up the project before things got too wet. This recent project was located on a newer home in Selma, ...

Porterville Grid Tied Roof Mount Solar System

Grid Tied Roof Mount Solar System This week’s project was installed on the outskirts of Porterville, CA. The system was installed on the back side of the residence facing south to get optimal production. The steep incline of the roof definitely made for a challenging install for the Central California Solar crew but they still ...

Tulare Solar Ground Mount

Grid Tied Solar Ground Mount This week we installed a ground mount solar system in Tulare, CA. This grid tied solar ground mount system was a big one! The system was a 12.22kW, and is guaranteed to make over 21,000 kilowatt hours in the first year. The property was spread out over about 5 acres ...

Foothill Solar Ground Mount

Grid Tied Solar Ground Mount This grid tied solar ground mount was installed in the foothills east of Exeter, CA. The customer had about 5 acres of land which provided the perfect opportunity to place a solar ground mount in the optimal position. An array of 36 solar panels was laid out facing directly south ...

Sunny Corcoran California

Grid Tied Roof Mount Residential Solar System This week’s grid tied roof mount residential solar system was completed in the wide open countryside of Corcoran, CA. The back side of the customer’s house was the perfect placement for the panels to soak up the sun. The all black panels make for a very sleek looking ...

Elevated Solar Ground Mount

Elevated Solar Ground Mount This last week’s solar project is going to serve multiple purposes for our new customer in Mariposa, CA. The elevated solar ground mount will allow the customer gain financial freedom from those costly utility bills and use the new ground mount for a carport, dog run or whatever they choose. One ...

Sunny Solar Savings in Santa Nella

Sunny Solar Savings Sunny Solar savings are possible anywhere in California. This week’s customer took advantage of the HERO program to finance their energy efficient upgrade in Santa Nella, California. The customer knew exactly what they wanted and Central California Solar was able to provide exactly what the customer requested. Canadian Solar panels and Enphase ...

Farmersville Solar Project

Farmersville Solar Project We recently completed an installation on a Farmersville Solar Project. The home was a unique bi-level home in the country on the outskirts of Visalia. Half of the home is constructed below grade with another single story wing at ground level. A total of 33 Trina solar panels were installed and divided ...

Porterville Grid Tied Roof Mount

Grid Tied Roof Mount System This installation of a grid tied roof mount solar system in Porterville was completed just in time to offset the customer’s high summer electric bills. Central California Solar offered a roof replacement at cost on a 2500 square foot home. Two air conditioner units were also replaced at cost as ...

Bakersfield Ground Mount Solar System

Bakersfield Ground Mount Solar System This week Central California Solar installed a nice looking ground mount on the outskirts of Bakersfield. The installation was challenging as the placement put it on a steep embankment on the back side of the residence. The overall system size was 11.73kW which will produce approximately 20,000 kwh annually. The ...
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