Grid Tied Roof Mount System

Residential solar system installed just in time to save money on those high cost summer electric bills. This grid tied roof mount system was installed in the city of Fresno, CA. The customer needed a smaller system to offset their highest usage so Central California Solar custom sized this system for the specific needs of the customer.  A total of 14 Canadian Solar 245 watt solar panels were installed in just 1 array. The system’s generated power is converted through an SMA Sunny Boy central inverter and fed into the power grid. This was a very clean install and even the conduit was painted to match the tile roof. The homeowner took advantage of getting their solar system installed with our no money out of pocket solar lease.  This is one sharp looking solar system!

Percentage of Electricity Drawn from Solar Panels 82%
Percent Savings on Monthly Utility Bill 85%
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