Grid Tied Roof Mount System

We recently had the opportunity to work with a local non-profit organization in the city of Tulare, CA. The organization known as Grandma’s House which is an after-school Tutoring Program and Math Academy. The installation only took the crew 1 day to install from start to finish. A total of 26 Suntech panels were installed on the south facing roof. The panels run through a Fronius central inverter. The solar system will almost eliminate the building’s electric bills. The after school program will save thousands of dollars on electricity costs now and far into the future. Central California Solar is honored to have partnered with such an amazing organization like Grandma’s House. If you would like more information on the after school program it can be found at www.grandmas-house.org.

Percentage of Electricity Drawn from Solar Panels 95%
Percent Savings on Monthly Utility Bill 90%
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