Permission To Operate

Just in time for summer! One of Central California Solar’s newest installations will receive permission to operate just in time to offset those high summer bills. Once a customer receives permission to operate they are granted permission from the utility company in a given jurisdiction to “turn-on” their solar system and start feeding power into the grid. The all black panels used for this install added a very sleek look to the system. A total of 16 Sharp 235 watt all black panels were installed with a low profile. The system sits just 6 inches above the roof deck allowing for just the right amount of air circulation under the array. Enphase Micro-Inverters were used so that the panels could optimize production and operate independently. Enphase uses their Enlighten monitoring platform allows for panel monitoring on the go from a tablet or smartphone. Even though this install was completed on a fairly newly constructed home we were still able to provide big savings for our customer!

Percentage of Electricity Drawn from Solar Panels 80%
Percent Savings on Monthly Utility Bill 80%
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