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Central California Solar is the leading provider of no money down Solar Panel Installation in Fresno. The leasing choices are plentiful and we will help ensure that you the consumer have the information necessary to make the right decision.  There are lots of options when it comes to solar panel leasing with the most popular being the zero down option. Another option that our customers enjoy is a power purchase agreement which allows you to purchase the electricity your solar system generates at a significantly cheaper price than the utility company sells it for.

Leasing of equipment has been and is still used by railroads, airlines, utility companies as a means to finance expensive equipment.  From a consumer standpoint this allows you to possess and use equipment that benefits you without the sizeable cost of owning the equipment. This method makes solar energy feasible to a wide range of homeowners with varying income levels without taking on the large upfront cost of purchasing a solar system for their homes.

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How does a $0 Down Solar Lease Work?

The most utilized option for solar system installation is the $0 no money down solar lease. Fresno residents who choose this option  do so because they do not have to put any money out of pocket to start saving money on their monthly utility bills. And along with no money out of pocket you still get the comfort of knowing the solar panel system will be monitored and maintained by the leasing company.  You will have a set monthly lease payment that will be anywhere from 10%-50% less than your current utility costs. And with the utility costs rising 7% every single year as time goes on the savings will increase. Have you considered the impact a $0 Down Solar Lease in Fresno will have on  your home? Get started today and talk with a Central California Solar representative to start saving now!

Power Purchase Agreement

Another low cost  option for Solar Power Fresno residents considering a solar panel lease is the power purchase agreement or as it is known a PPA. With a power purchase agreement the consumer agrees to purchase the electricity that the solar system creates at a much lower price than the utility companies sell electricity for.  The power purchase agreement also has the option and benefit of allowing the consumer to start making power for themselves with zero down. The system will still be monitored and maintained by the leasing company. The leasing company is also responsible for making any necessary repairs to the equipment if a problem should arise.

Central California Solar can help you make the most informed choice when it comes to your solar panel lease in Fresno.  Leasing a solar power system is an excellent choice for a consumer who does not have the finances available up front to purchase a solar system. Another factor when deciding if you should lease a solar system is the tax benefit.  Whether or not you have an annual tax bill is another thing to consider when making the decision to lease a solar system. If you don’t have a large annual tax bill leasing the system is most likely the best choice for you. The reason being that if you do have a large tax bill you will receive a 30% tax credit on the price of the system if you were to purchase it outright.


Regardless of which option you choose the responsibility of monitoring and maintaining the  solar system will fall upon the shoulders of the leasing company.  Solar power is available for everyone who can afford to pay their current electric bill. Central California Solar can help guide you through the process to determine what the right choice for your current situation. We will provide a free energy analysis in order to tailor a solar system to your specific needs. Once the energy analysis is complete we will present to you all your option for a potential lease. Central California Solar a reliable resource for solar panel leasing in Fresno.


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