Solar Power Breaks Record For Production!

Big news for California Solar Power production! California hit new all-time records for production over the weekend of March 7th and 8th.  California’s Independent System Operator which oversees California’s electric grid reported that the supply of solar power that feeds the grid reached 4,093 megawatts on Saturday which surpassed the previous day’s record of 3,926 megawatts. Let’s all go outside and play in the solar surplus! Just make sure to wear some protection. California is on the forefront of solar technology and production. The entire country is looking at the west coast in a whole different light these days, a solar powered light that is. California stands to produce a lot of solar power this year and next year and most likely for another 5 billion years. There’s a lot to be said about that too. The folks of the sunshine state are taking full advantage of all those beautiful rays but more importantly they are turning them into dollars and cents. There are several new large solar farms under construction and a couple that have recently come online and are now feeding electricity into California’s electric grid. If you don’t know anything about solar power it is clean, renewable energy. It doesn’t cause any pollution aside from a very small amount that it takes to gather and input some raw materials to manufacture the actual panels. Solar power isn’t a cure- all for resolving the world’s power woes. However the benefits of solar cannot be denied!

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