Buy or Lease Solar?

Once you have made the decision to install a solar power system to power your home from the earths greatest power source you may have one burning question. Should I lease or should I buy? It may have been easy to face the fact that solar energy is the future trend of energy. It just isn’t so easy to decide how to pay for it. What is the best option? What will save you the most money in the short term? How about the long term? This page is here to help those trying to find the answer to these questions about solar panel leasing.

The good news about solar leasing is that companies like Central California Solar can now make it both easy and affordable for homeowners just like you to harness the power of the sun! With a solar lease from CCSolar we spend the money to purchase and install the solar panels you need & lease them to you for a fee that is CHEAPER than your current monthly electricity bill. That means no more PG&E or Edison bill ever again! Pretty awesome right?

Solar Home Installation

The Major Benefits of Solar Panel Leasing

One of the main reasons that many of our customers here at Central California Solar decide to lease their solar equipment is because of the low costs associated with installing a new solar power system. Many folks simply do not have the funds to pay cash upfront  to have solar panels installed. It wasn’t too long ago that this meant solar energy was reserved for the few who had the cash flow to afford it. This made one of nature’s greatest energy sources impossible to obtain for many because let’s face it, most of us don’t have tens of thousands just lying around.

  • Affordable Upfront Costs: This means folks who cannot afford to pay in full – out of pocket to outfit their homes with solar panels now have an easily affordable option.
  • Extremely Easy Qualification: With so many government incentives for California residents to go solar, leasing programs have some of the highest approval ratings for consumers. In fact we all but guarantee qualification for our solar panel leasing program in Fresno.
  • Lower Monthly Utility Bills: With a new solar panel installation by Central California Solar you will start saving on utility bills from the day your system is installed.
  • Flexibility: When you lease your solar equipment you gain the option to grow with solar technology. This means you will pay only for what you use and that you can alter your system over time so that fits your needs perfectly.
  • Increased Property Value: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is a United States Department of Energy (DOE) lab that conducts scientific research in California. They have found that homes with solar panels sell faster and for more than their counterparts without solar panels.
  • System Maintenance: When a solar system is leased through CC Solar we take care of the maintenance to ensure your system is functioning at maximum efficiency year round.
  • Energy Analysis: We offer the Best Energy Efficiency Upgrades in the industry.
  • No Credit Check Financing: We are licensed contractors for the HERO program.

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