Solar Home Installation

Why Solar Power?

Solar energy is absolutely free!  It will also allow people to gain their independence from giant energy companies and reduce our countries need to import foreign fuel. Solar energy does not produce any waste, air or water pollution and is completely renewable. Solar energy cannot be depleted and is constantly being replenished. Solar power is an extremely abundant source of renewable energy and carries along with it unlimited potential.

The number one reason customers of Central California Solar choose to install a solar system on their house or business is to save money.  We will conduct an efficient energy audit to determine what size system is best for you individual needs and how much cost you would like to offset with solar.

Fixing energy costs over 20 years is a major factor in the decision making process when it comes to solar. You can lock in your electricity costs for the next 20 years with solar! With the major electric providers increasing costs annually by 6% you won’t need to worry because the cost with solar will remain the same due to the price being fixed over a given period of time.  In fact if a surplus of electricity is created you have the option to sell back the surplus to the energy company.

Solar energy has created an immense number of jobs within the industry.  With the growth being exponential for the foreseeing future solar has and will continue to establish itself among the top job producers in the country. The photovoltaic industry creates 55-80 times as many jobs as other energy conglomerates in the United States.

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