Zero Down Solar Summer Savings

Another zero down solar system installed just in time for summer savings. This was one clean install on another high end home! All conduit was run through the attic and down into the inside of the garage where the inverter was mounted. The solar system is guaranteed to make over 12,000 kWh in the first year which is 93% of the customer’s usage saving them almost $1000 dollars on their electric costs in the first year. All this was achieved with no money out of pocket and the process couldn’t be simpler. The cost of the lease is fixed which means the savings to customer grows exponentially over the lifetime of the lease. What does that mean? What that means is the lease payment is always the same and never increases. So as the utility company increases rates each year with a Central California Solar Lease the cost if fixed. If you would like more information on saving money with no money down contact us today! 559-467-1008

Percentage of Electricity Drawn from Solar Panels 93%
Percent Savings on Monthly Utility Bill 95%
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